ECG Interpretation Training Program – Know the Benefits of Doing It

ECG (Electro cardiogram) is an apparatus that helps to record electrical activities of the heart. Not everyone can interpret an ECG strip only a healthcare expert can analyze ECG. Interpretation of ECG is the oldest and simplest form of cardiac assessment and investigation.

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ECG technician job responsibilities

  • Providing support to the physicians in diagnosis and cardiovascular treatment.
  • Making the patient comfortable and responding to their requests and questions.
  • Getting ECG reading by fixing electrodes to patient’s arms, legs, and chest.
  • Performing peripheral vascular analysis by accumulating ultrasound resonance to outline an image on the screen of blood circulation and flow, and heart function.
  • Maintaining equipment, quality results, and patient’s history.
  • Providing information to the cardiologist and anesthetic about procedure.
  • Informing the ward about shifting the patient to the lab.
  • Tracing ECG and monitoring vitals during procedure

Benefits of doing ECG course

  • ECG course is beneficial for nurses who are working in CCU (coronary care unit), ICU (intensive care unit), practice and emergency nurses, ambulance officers, and others.
  • ECG machine is everywhere including doctor’s clinics, cardiac wards, emergency departments, pathology labs, and in many other places. ECG will be done on a lot of patients in several clinical environments.
  • By knowing ECG interpretation and analysis you can not only make right medical intervention but also you can provide care on emergency situations.
  • Knowledge on medical practice acts and handling emergency situations.

Knowledge on techniques

By doing ECG course you can improve your skills, knowledge, as well as confidence required to analyze ECG. During your training you can learn:

  • Detailed information on topics like cardiac anatomy, blood flow from heart, and physiology.
  • Heart beat calculation
  • Detailed information of heart conduction system
  • Abnormal and normal rhythm assessment
  • Measurement of segments and intervals, assessment of abnormal waveforms, and other related waves
  • Analysis of ECG in cardiac arrhythmias and coronary heart problems

To achieve your goal to become an ECG technician, gather information about the best institution that offer good knowledge on ECG interpretation. Choose the best one and visit today to get admission.

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