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If you’re like most avid readers, your TBR is a living document, growing longer with every passing day as you search for good reading online. Buying every single book on your list would definitely break the bank, but never fear! Following is a list of great fiction books online, either free or for a reduced price, all on Fictionate.Me!

Fictionate.Me is a self-publishing platform for authors to publish their works for free. All books are offered at a great discount, or for free, and most authors offer free chapters so you can read before you commit. If you want to support indie authors and read some great fiction without dipping into your savings, this is a great site to check out. As a reader, you can also give feedback to your favorite writers and help guide them in the writing process! This site mostly caters to speculative fiction: paranormal, sci-fi, fantasy, and horror, but there are many other genres as well!

Read below for some of Fictionate’s best fiction, all published by the authors themselves. Some books are completed, while others are WIPs, meaning you read and comment chapter by chapter with your favorite authors! These books also don’t require downloads, as you can simply read them in your browser.

Fantasy Favorites

Legends of the Brave Bard: Songs of the Sacred Dove by Christopher T Jaynes

Book one in the Legends of the Brave Bard series, this epic dark fantasy is a popular pick on Fictionate.Me.

In a world corrupted by magic, the Brave Bard and a heroic cast of characters must navigate through uncertain times in the Great Northlands. After many years of drought and plague, the Peregrini people abandon their homeland and head west in a great caravan to the greener pastures of Orchard Valley. Countless years on the road have left many desperate, bloodthirsty, and maybe even cursed.

Will the foul magic cloud the hearts of the Brave Bard and his people? Find out here for $0.99 (first six chapters free). Be sure to check out the other books in this series!

Light & Darkness: Book One by Katherine Monroe

Another top-trending book on Fictionate.Me, this novel follows the adventures of teenager Selene, an orphan raised by her aunt. On her 16th birthday, she learns not only that she is a witch, but the “chosen one” who is only born every 1000 years. If she survives until her 18th birthday, she must defeat and kill Alistair, the demon king.

Alistair, the most powerful demon king ever, has been tasked with killing Selene before her 18th birthday.

Quite the conundrum.

What happens when these two sworn enemies fall in love? Will either succeed in the deadly task they have been given? Find out here for free! Be sure to check out book two for only $0.99.

Murder Mysteries

Dig Deeper by Kate Seger

Searching for good murder mysteries to read online? In this romantic, suspenseful murder story, Avery Stone must return to her hometown to discover the truth of her father’s mysterious death. With the help of the local (and handsome!) funeral director Brandon, Avery learns that the deeper she digs into the truth, the more people that want her dead.

Discover Avery’s truth here for $0.99 (first five chapters free)

Godspeed by Lux Miller

Looking for a time traveling SFF romance, a murder mystery, and exciting adventure? Look no further than book one in The Timekeepers series on Fictionate. Me.

Reclusive shopkeeper Daphne Dubois is done. Done with the world and its insanity. Done with dating. Done with people. So she keeps to herself, selling obscure treasures in an even more obscure antique shop. But her fortress of solitude is invaded when she gets a call that her brother is missing under mysterious circumstances. She begrudgingly travels to meet with the detective, who tells her the only clue they’ve found is a shrine to Victorian serial killer Jack the Ripper and an antique timepiece that doesn’t work anymore. Once Daphne has her hands on the watch, it thrusts her headfirst into a heart-stopping adventure.

Can Daphne change time and stop the world’s most notorious serial killer before she becomes his next victim? Click here to find out for $2.99 (first three chapters free).

Sci-Fi Picks

The Last Man by RatTheBrave

In this soft sci-fi romance, Nikodemus is the last man on an Earth-like planet. He spends his days being forced to visit all-female tribes, and they fight over him in an effort to preserve the human race, making his existence an experiment in misery.

Will Nikodemus be able to defeat his inner and outer demons and see the worth in humanity? Find out here for free!

Earth | 9th Century AR by Bakeneko Madara

In this sci-fi LGBTQ romance, friendly aliens have worked together with humans to save Earth from utter destruction. Or so it seems on the surface. Are the aliens really as friendly as they seem? When a young earthling and alien representative meet, will they get along and trust each other as true friends? Or will they find they are natural enemies?

Find the answers to these questions and more here for free!

Horror Hits

Stitched by UYScuti

In this apocalyptic psychological horror, Amy Sullivan fights the nightmares behind every door. On her 18th birthday, a breach in the sky flooded the world with unknown particles, affecting every living thing. On her 22nd birthday, societies collapsed, and the monsters took control.

Now Amy must defeat human and beast alike, all while finding the true monster—the person that killed her sister.

Discover Amy’s fate here for free!

Time: Book One, Evolve Series by DolphN

What should have been a calm, spring morning leaves residents of earth literally gasping for breath when the air becomes so hot it becomes unbreathable. Reports postulate that it is a Coronal Mass Ejection, but some doubt the veracity of that claim, as CMEs have never had such a devastating effect before.

This sci-fi evolutionary horror follows the adventures of two roommates, Drake and Jax, who seek answers as they fight their way back home to safety and their families.

Find the truth behind the catastrophe here for $2.99 (first three chapters free).

Author bio:

Heather R. Parker is a freelance writer, editor, and published poet from Georgia. She works as a writer and editor for the self-publishing platform Her work has been published by Nightingale & Sparrow Magazine, Goats Milk Magazine, Analog Submissions Press, Friday Flash Fiction, Medium, and others. Heather lives in Georgia with her husband, son, and a menagerie of pets. In her spare time, you can find her doing yoga, taking long walks in the woods, birdwatching, or picking flowers in sun-dappled meadows. You can follow Heather’s writing on Instagram, Facebook ,and Fictionate.Me.

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