How Charter School Differs From Public School?

How Charter School Differs From Public School?

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Choosing a school is a daunting task for parents. The school goals need to align with your kid’s necessity to build a secure future. Charter schools are in demand because of their flexible program. When you look for charter schools near Minneapolis then the name that will pop up on Google search result will include Beacon Academy.

How does a charter school differ from a public school?

Both charter and public schools operate in the same way but there are differences.


Open enrollment means admission is not offered to students from other districts in that public school. Students from neighboring districts can also get enrolled in open-enrollment public school but there has to be a school transport system made available. Public schools cannot reject admission to students residing within the stipulated geographic zone.

Charter schools cannot reject admissions. However, if a student falls poor in terms of attendance and grade then only there can be a denial. The admissions are determined by a lottery system. Students getting picked are given admission.


Government funds both public and charter schools. The latter runs independently, whereas the former is regulated. Charter schools receive funding from donations, awards, and state tax income.

The public school obtains funding from Federal, State, and Local government taxes along with donations, awards, and grants. Besides, the charter school receives state funds based on per-student approach, whereas public school gains more funding. In total, the charter school gets low funds in comparison.


  • Charter schools are operated by private boards, whereas public schools get administered by the state education board.
  • Charter is not regulated strictly, whereas public schools have to adhere to a rigid curriculum.
  • Charter schools are autonomous but need to pursue the charter rules because ignoring them may prevent securing state funds or the school may shut down.

  • The education system in the chartered school is more relaxed. The facility offers social interaction and problem-solving skills to their students in a family setting.
  • Public schools offer community schools, sports opportunities, and after school activities, which allow students to widen their boundaries.
  • Teaching structure in a charter school is similar to online learning, which students can learn from home. In public schools, classroom learning facilities are provided.
  • Teachers employed in the charter are based on school goals, whereas teachers in public schools need to have a master or BA degree.

Beacon Academy is a charter school offering the kids in Minneapolis great education. Schedule a school tour and learn more about this K-8 school!

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