Important Activities to Enhance the Language Development in a Child

Language development and reading play a critical role in determining the success of the child in life. A majority of the children develop listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills starting from birth until grade three. Let us learn more about the activities that increase language development in a child.

People with low reading capabilities struggle at school and workplace

Timely reading and language evaluation are important for a child. It has been seen that children who aren’t sound readers by 4th-grade struggle more with reading in their adulthood. It has also been found that students who are unable to read proficiently by 3rd grade are more likely to leave their school without even securing a diploma than a proficient reader.

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What can parents do on their part to make their child a proficient reader?

Parents can start to contribute to their child’s language development right from their birth. It has a profound impact on the child during the initial three years of their life. It is a critical time to expose your child to words and storybooks as much as possible.

It is because the vocabulary that they learn in their early years lays the foundation required for the development of language. As the grasping power is very high at this stage, it is the ideal time to learn new skills.

Some children find it more challenging than other children

It can be hard for some children to develop language skills than others of the same age. It can be due to the socioeconomic achievement gap that can be the reason for this happening.

The issue can be resolved by organizing a meeting session between education teachers, and parents to assess the situation and take remedial measures. With the exchange of ideas, parents will get a better understanding of how they can enhance the vocabulary of their child,


Language development happens until the time the child reaches grade 3 levels. This is a critical stage of development. It is the phase when they learn to engage in meaningful conversations, smaller vocabularies and develops reading, and writing skills.

Thus, a parent should learn the importance of this period, and ensure to provide the right schooling to their child that aids in his sound development.

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