International School Opens a World of Opportunity

Parents want the best for their children. They want to help them discover their talents, learn new skills, and have dreams of doing the things that they love and are good at. Some of those opportunities are found in your home environment. Children often find fulfilment by following in their parent’s footsteps and taking over the family business. But most children have their own dreams and skills that are different from their parents.  The best way to discover their true potential is exposure to other careers and cultures.  Enrolling in an international school is one way to expose them to new things, while giving them a quality education.

  • High Standards: There are great schools in every country, and it is a parent’s duty to help their children access the best schools. Internationals schools are well known to have very high standards. And not only standards that are high for the nation they are in, but standards that are competitive with schools in other countries as well. For an international school to be successful they must produce top quality students that can step into programs in other countries without difficulty. Some schools, even design their programs so that the final year is completed overseas.
  • Command of English: Another important reason to study in an international (known as เรียนอินเตอร์ in Thai) school, is that they usually teach and insist upon very high levels of English language usage. A student that does well in such a school is assured to have such a high level of English proficiency, that they will be able to enter the job market almost anywhere in the world.
  • Ability to Blend with Other Cultures: Living your whole life in one culture will make you an expert at home, but perhaps awkward or shy somewhere else. Students at international schools experience people from many cultures and learn, the characteristics, and quirks of different traditions. Making it much easier to fit in later.
  • Networking: This exposure to culture is also a stepping stone to networking with professionals from different countries. At international school, the students begin friendships with people in many different places. Later in life this can be a valuable resource for expanding their opportunities.

With everything else being equal, enrolling a child in an international school will provide a good education. But beyond that, it will provide them with skills and opportunities that regular schools cannot offer.  And with English being the language of business, and the language of travel too. Your children will be better prepared to capitalise on international opportunities at home as well.

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