Preschool – Preparation Tips for Parents

Starting preschool for any kid can be a daunting prospect. It marks the start of a new phase in their life which includes being away from mummy and daddy for a few hours every day. Parents get apprehensive about leaving their kids in preschool and most kids recognise that worrisome look. If you want everyone to be ready, follow these useful tips.

Visit the School – If you want to enrol your child in the best preschool in Bangkok, you must first visit the place to see if you are happy with everything. When you schedule an appointment to see the school, don’t forget to bring your little one along. Getting your child use to their new surroundings will make things a lot easier on the first day. Show them around the school and let them meet their preschool teacher. If possible, it is always good to leave them with the new teacher for a few minutes, so they can get to know each other for a brief moment.

It is important to talk to them and tell them what to expect on their first day. Show them where they’ll keep their school bag and other personal items.

Books – Before you send your child to preschool, spend some time reading preschool books with them. There are plenty of books to get your child, if you don’t know where to start just go online and select a few. Although you can get stories online from YouTube, it is better to teach them to sit and listen as you read to them, it is a skill they’ll need for school.

Play it Out – If you have time, create a little role play scenario for your child. Pretend they are going to preschool and they have to sit in their chair and listen to the teacher. Show them where to put their backpack and coat, then have them sit down at a table and play some activities. Teach them some basic social skills, such as:

  • How to ask can they go to the toilet
  • Getting someone’s attention
  • Taking turns
  • Joining in with others

There are many ways to prepare your child for preschool. You just have to follow the tips mentioned above and focus other things such as self-help skills. You should also get them ready for their new schedule at least a week before they start. Preparing yourself and your child is an intentional effort.

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