What is the Best Education System in the World?

This is a question that many young parents ask, as they strive to provide the best possible education to give their child the best possible start in life and there are two different curricula that are globally recognized as being the leading learning programs, which are the US and UK National Curriculum. Both have their own merits, while the US version is probably the most popular, as it is globally accepted as the best there is.

Setting Up the Future

Start as you mean to go on with your child’s education and finding an American international school in Bangkok is never an issue if you search with Google and if they offer a K-12 program, your child will not have to undergo the stress of changing schools. This means a student can enrol at the age of 3-4 years old and stay at the same school until the graduate from high school and this will benefit your child in so many ways.

Active Learning Strategies

Rather thana the traditional classroom instruction, leading international schools adopt a project-based approach, which is recognized as being the best way to learn, with optimum learning outcomes. The students work on projects that they are interested in and the teacher is more of a facilitator than an instructor, guiding the children through the project until they are ready to present their findings to the class.

Equip Students for the Modern World

An essential aspect to any child’s education is IT; we are living in a digital world already and who knows what it will be like 20 years from now? A good learning program would integrate IT into all the subjects and IT would be used in many ways to ensure the students are competent computer users, who have the ability self-learn using search engines such as Google. One of the most important objectives for aby school is to develop a life-long love of learning within the students, which will stay with them for their entire lives.

Critical Thinking Skills

This should not be overlooked and an international school would encourage enquiry from even the youngest students, using teachers directly recruited from the US, who are both qualified and experienced. The traditional teacher-student methodology has been replaced by a more learner-centered approach and teachers always encourage thinking outside the box, while delivering the curriculum in the form of project-based learning.

Give your child the very best start in life with an international education, which will stay with them for the rest of their life.

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