Why Being a Teacher Is The Best Job In The Whole World.

If you have decided to become a teacher, then that is fantastic news, because you’re opening yourself up to all kinds of possibilities, and opportunities. There isn’t a more rewarding job out there, and you get to teach subjects that you love. It offers you a fantastic work/life balance, and the vacation time is amazing. It is a job that allows you to wake up with a smile on your face in the morning, knowing that you’re going to make a real change in someone’s life that day. That same smile will be on your face as you return home, knowing that you have taught your students something new, and useful.

Securing a teacher’s position at the BASIS school, Bangkok is your first step to a very rewarding career in international education. The benefits of working in a school such as this are numerous, and if you’d like to find out more, then please read on.

  1. Real job stability – In the current climate, teachers are in short supply, especially native English speakers, and so securing a position in an international school, should provide you with the job stability that you have been searching for. There is no doubt, that teachers will always be needed, and depending on your particular discipline, some teachers are needed more than others. Either way, job security is assured for the future.
  1. Teach what you love – Becoming a teacher means that you get to teach students a subject that you are truly passionate about, and you get to pass on all of your knowledge to the next generation. You get to mould young minds, and these people will go on to important positions in large multinational companies. You will get to say that you had real influence in their lives.
  1. Different day, something new – People often talk about their jobs being boring, and predictable, but when you become a teacher, this thought will never come into your mind. No, one day, is the same as the next, and you get to work with many different kinds of students, teaching different topics, and issuing many projects every time.

If these benefits haven’t helped you to make up your mind, then there are many more. You will get to decide everything that goes on in your classroom, including how to manage your students, creating your lessons, and creating your curriculum.

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